Club History

On the 7th September 1994 a meeting was called in Godley’s Hotel, Fenit with the aim of establishing a soccer club in the village.

A senior team was entered in Division 5 of the Kerry District League and with the help of a local farmer who allowed them the use of a field, Fenit Samphires FC, began to compete with other clubs in Kerry. The Samphires finished third from bottom that season. An under 16 team was also registered with the Kerry Schoolboys that year.


The following year Tralee Harbour Board was approached and agreed to give the club an annual 11 month lease on 2.4 acres in the High Field. At the time, this piece of land was unimaginable as a smooth playing surface. With a common aim the community of Fenit joined with club members and players, and through sheer hard work and dedication created the playing pitch known and loved by all in Fenit as ‘Samphire Park’.

Throughout the next 20 years the Samphires have progressed and become a force to be reckoned with in Kerry soccer. The senior team battled their way up through the divisions and in the 04/05 season were finally promoted to the Premier Division.┬áNot only the senior team have experienced success. The Samphires’ schoolboys teams have, over the years, found themselves up against some of the great club names in Irish soccer and on many occasions have gained the upper hand. In the 00/01 season the under 16 team earned the privilege of playing Shamrock Rovers and beat them 1-0 in front of a huge home crowd at Samphire Park. Home Farm and Sligo Rovers are two of the more prominent Irish clubs that have made the journey to the hallowed turf of Samphire Park. In the 02/03 season the Samphires’ youth team reached the final of the FAI Youths Cup but lost out on the title by a single goal when they played Tolka Rovers in Dublin. This youths campaign was a shining example of how the Samphires binds together local communities under the one banner.

You can see a list of the club’s honours here.

It is testament to the commitment of club managers, committee members and players that so many players travel so regularly to Samphire Park to represent the club. The continued running of the club can be wholly attributed to those who give up a large amount of their time freely to the club in order to fulfill coaching and administrative duties.

Structure of Fenit Samphires 2015/2016

Chairperson: Mary Kelly

Secretary: Charlotte Dolan

Treasurer: Batt McCarthy

P.R.O.: Charlotte Dolan

Child Welfare Officer: Mary Kelly

Committee Members:

Paddy Godley
John Murphy
Dave Staunton
Ruairi Kelly
Barry Ryan
Kevin Deady


Under 8-10 Academy- Kevin Deady

Under 11- Barry Ryan & Ruairi Kelly

Under 12- Barry Ryan & Ruairi Kelly

Under13 – Daniel Clinton & Antoin Staunton

Under 14- Peter McCarthy & John Maher

Under 15- Peter McCarthy & John Maher

Under 17 – Dave Staunton

Under 18- Dave Staunton

Seniors – Batt McCarthy & Dave Staunton